My ‘first post’

A first post is always more welcome than the Last Post, but then again the post is often late and beaten to the post by junk. Setting that truth to one side, I am diving with both feet into The Other Hand by the remarkable Chris Cleave who burst onto the scene in 2005 with the white-knuckled Incendiary, a letter to Osama that appeared on the day of the London bus bombings, and which I read only some weeks ago. Meanwhile it is Kierkegaard’s Either/Or that offers 150 years more prescience with ol’ Soren’s solution for economic meltdown being to spend spend spend on the state of Denmark and create a material paradise into which, presumably, today’s oligarcovs can trickledown their petro-roubles, underpinned by a secret society of knowing self-educators who are so clever you hope they have the power to do more than simply contribute the paperwork. So who is writing the state of the nation today? Frantzen? De Lillo? America has an embarrassment of riches. Anyone here in the YooKay?

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