About the author

a portrait of author Jari MoateBorn in Plymouth to Anglo-Finnish parents in the Seventies, Jari began with tank tops and thick socks. Military service in Helsinki followed by similar at the University of York added a helmet and mortar board. Some years in Brighton contributed ironic t-shirts. A stint in Paris ended in a cheap shirt from a suburb market. Following travel and work in the Middle East, Balkans, Russia, Mongolia and China, ethnic caps and robes were added. Living in Bristol’s inner city with his wife and boys has brought a collection of hoodies, sometimes worn together. He also has a t-shirt of his first novel, worn at gigs and court appearances.

His short story of the 2001 riots This Brick in my Hand reminded readers of Orwell and Palahniuk. (Bristol Review of Books) and he has published academically on regeneration topics.

He is also the founding Director of the Bristol Festival of Literature: Unputdownable.